Military Claims

Military Claims

If you have served in the armed forced from April 1987 you have as much right to claim compensation for injuries as civilians do.

Who Can Claim

Like all employers, the Ministry of Defence has a duty of care for your health and safety while at work – even if that work involves high-risk situations.

You have a right to expect that your employer – even if it is the MoD – will protect you from harm as much as possible, by providing you with the right equipment to do your job and taking steps to ensure you're not put in any unnecessary harm.

Of course military careers do come with a higher risk of injury than many others, but this doesn't mean you're not entitled to claim compensation when accidents happen.

Therefore if you or a family member have been injured while serving in any branch of the military (Army, Navy, RAF and Special Forces) or their reserves, or if you've lost a loved one who was serving, then our solicitors could help you make a claim.

Costs of Running a Claim

Your claim is run under a no win no fee basis so this means you will NOT be asked to pay toward running your claim.

Types of Claims Made:

Serving in the armed forces can often mean working in a noisy environment.

If you've experienced noise-induced hearing loss while in the military because of a negligent approach to hearing protection, then our solicitors could help you claim compensation.

We've successfully pursued cases of noise-induced hearing loss caused by:

  • Gun and artillery fire
  • Mortars
  • Explosions
  • Aircraft noise
  • Vehicle engine noise

There has been an increase in the number of deafness claims made by armed forces personnel in the last few years, with many allegations of inadequate ear protection being made. If you've experienced hearing damage, call us on 01706 750609 or email us on today for a free consultation on your case.

Charitable Donation

What sets us apart from others is our high standard of ethics and sensitiveness. For each successful claim, we will ask you to nominate a charity of your choice. This can be ideally, but not necessarily a charity that looks after armed forces and we will make a donation to them.

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